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Finding or renting out your home can be a issue and hard to handle
We make it easy in the renting jungle – for your employees and for you landlord’s.

We can help you rent out your property and help you find the right renters.

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    Rental Process

    1. Contact us regarding. inspection
    The first contact is made in collaboration with one of our brokers el. rental agents who will make sure you get all the questions clarified.
    It is 100% non-binding and free.

    2. Inspection of property
    The inspection is another free and non-binding service that we offer. Here you will meet one of our skilled Agents, who after reviewing your home will estimate a realistic rent level in consultation with you. In addition, all your questions will be answered and we can start the rental process.

    3. Mediation agreement conclusion of rental agreement
    The dissemination agreement is signed when you have decided to enter into a collaboration with the rentbyrasmussen. As soon as we have it in hand, we will immediately begin the work of finding the perfect tenant for you and your home. The choice is yours: if you reject a tenant, we will find another – at no extra cost.

    4. Demonstrations / Rentals
    The screenings are handled by our Broker / Agents. For this it is required that we have been given a key so that we have access to the home and can present the potential tenant. With our experience and knowledge of the home, we will go to great lengths to present the potential tenant with all the glories that your home offers.

    The rental is a reality when you have an approved tenant and the lease is signed. Have you chosen any. other services such as relocation report or administration agreements at our partner, Rentbyrasmussen will be “helpful throughout the rental process.

    5. Invoicing / Settlement
    Once the rental contract has been signed by both parties, the tenant pays a deposit and prepaid rent plus consumption to Rentbyrasmussen.
    No later than 6 banking days after the move has been executed, this money is transferred to the landlord less our fees as well as any other costs.

    Kim Rasmussen
    Rental agent and developer

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