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We can successfully present to you the best high standard apartment rental opportunity. From concept through construction, to the finishing touches we provide the best for your rentals and projects. By interpreting an individual client’s style and needs we provide a tailor made offer specifically for you.


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Rent by Rasmussen

Established: 2015
Founder: Kim Rasmussen
Org.nr / (CVR) 750617-3413
Org.nr / (CVR) 559216-8412

Our 17 Years of experience has been forged by working with leading Real Estate Companies within the Copenhagen and Malmö Areas. Inspired by the growing demand for professionalism and helped by an array of professional Partners, we have managed to fully satisfy all the diverse Customer’s needs.

Copenhagen Office

Vesterbrogade 144B, st. tv.
1620 København V Denmark

Email: info@rentbyrasmussen.com

Phone No.: +(45) 3170-3230

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu – 11.00-16.00
Friday Closed

Malmö Office

Vikingagatan, 3
21618 Limhamn

Email: info@rentbyrasmussen.com

Phone No.: +(46) 072 231 50 96

Opening Hours:
Call for appointment

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